Hi there and welcome!

I’m excited to share some information about my upcoming SIMPLY BE UNSTOPPABLE Women’s Retreat!

Registration will be coming soon... Stay tuned!

Do you ever sit and wonder what it would feel like to escape for weekend to simply focus on YOU? If so, then I would love to invite into a Simply Be Unstoppable Retreat! Each day, you give to and care for others, you contribute to the lives of everyone around you… but when do you give to, care for, and contribute to your own personal growth, health, and well-being?

How and when do you invest in yourself? Do you see regular line-items on your ‘to do’ list that nurture your heart and soul? When have you stopped to really grieve a loss? Are you ready to step out of the insanity of your day-to-day living for just 3 days in order to reclaim lost dreams and put more JOY into your life?

Want to Talk...?
Hear What Others Are Saying...
The first time I attended a retreat, I felt as though I had met a long, lost friend –ME! It kick-started a momentum inside of me that honestly has never stopped! Myintention for attending that retreat was to re-discover the best parts of myself that had gotten buried in the heaviness of my life. My son was going through a difficult period of his life; my dad had just passed away; our family business was struggling to stay afloat; and I had just gotten a really bad hair cut! I was definitely ready for my own time and space to grieve, to rest, to accept, to let go, to reclaim, to re-intend, and reconnect to my heart goals… to my dreams… to purpose.

Let me give you a glimpse into what you’ll receive when you make the commitment to join us at Bend of Ivy Lodge for an amazing retreat! You will be joining other like-minded, highly motivated, wide-awake women for three days of discovery, rejuvenation, and reclaiming your heart’s desires!

Here’s what you can expect:

1. A weekend at the beautiful Bend of Ivy Lodge in
Marshall, NC, just outside of Asheville.


Bend of Ivy Lodge is a place for renewal, created to support those coming together to learn, to create, to grow, to renew the spirit, and to produce new possibilities.

Nestled on 63 acres of land in a secluded valley not far from Asheville, NC, Bend of Ivy is a special and inspiring space for retreats. An overall feeling of peacefulness and beauty join exquisite attention to detail, supporting what people come here to create.

Named after the Ivy River, Bend of Ivy Lodge is integrated into the natural surroundings.This integration is reflected in a strong commitment to being carbon neutral and environmentally responsible. Bend Of Ivy owners see themselves as part of a human and natural ecosystem. They respect, love, and care for the natural world while making it accessible to guests who value the stillness of quiet woods or seeing wildlife on a morning walk.

Bend of Ivy is a unique place within the culturally and naturally rich Blue Ridge Mountains. To learn more about Bend of Ivy, click here: www.bendofivylodge.com


2. Personalized TLC like you’ve never
experienced before!

They say the experience begins the minute you register for anything. Well, we say that the retreat begins the minute you decide to join us! And the best part is your own personal interview conducted WAY before the actual retreat! Many clients have told me that the personal interview was one of the most meaningful parts of the retreat experience. And then it gets even better! From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, you will be pampered. This is a time for you to soak in the experience of being completely cared for, and being given the time to take care of yourself.


3. An opportunity for your voice to be heard,
either by others or by your own heart!

There is so much power in your voice. As children, we were often told that we were to be seen and not heard. For centuries, women have been silenced. It’s no wonder we struggle to speak – to voice our desires – to advocate for ourselves! It’s no wonder we struggle to own our power! If you’re on the shy side, don’t worry. It isn’t mandatory to speak in front of everyone. But if you’re ready to stake your claim on your own personal power, we’ll give you the floor and our attention! Whether you declare your intentions out loud, or speak them softly to yourself, you will learn ways to reconnect and LISTEN to that still small voice deep inside your heart.

4. Plenty of time to awaken your heart and soul through rest, relaxation, solitude, and a peaceful setting!

If one of the reasons you’re attending a retreat is to escape from the fast-paced, hectic, scheduled-to-the-hilt calendar of day-to-day living, then having these three days packed with one activity after another defeats the purpose! At my SIMPLY BE UNSTOPPABLE retreat, you are guaranteed plenty of time, space, and silence for reflection… three very important pathways to the heart. Come join me. Be still… and know.



5. My Signature Song and Stories Laser Coaching™
and Personal Growth Experience!

During my Song and Stories Laser Coaching™ session, you will be taking on your limiting beliefs; you will be addressing your self-sabotaging thoughts and actions; you will be standing toe to toe with the best parts of who you are (which is often far more scary than facing your fears); and, through your own vulnerability, you will be ready to claim your peace, your power and your place in this world! Along with your Song and your Story, you will receive some one-on-one coaching with me. If you don’t feel ready for one-on-one coaching within our Sacred Circle, no worries! Instead, you will witness the incredible grace and beauty that comes when someone else steps into her light, reclaims her heart, faces her fear, and emerges with love, and truth, and honor. As a member of our Sacred Circle, you will discover that when someone else experiences themselves on such a deep soul level, everyone else (including you) is changed. So whether you choose the Song and Stories Laser Coaching™, or choose to support those being coached, you will experience growth, connection, and celebration for another victorious RETURN TO THE HEART.

6. Have fun and GO WILD when you create your very
own Vision and Dream Board!

At the very center of our heart is passion and desire! It is where we store our dreams! I believe that having a dream in front of you is as essential as having healthy foods to eat! Dreams get us up in the morning! Dreams keep us awake at night and make us push through our fears! Dreams add spice to life! Dreams put the pizzazz in what we do! There are big dreams, little dreams, silly dreams, and significant dreams! They come in all shapes and sizes. The biggest tragedy I can think of is to go through life with your dreams buried deep inside a walled-off heart. We’ll spend time discovering forgotten dreams and claiming new dreams! This is one of the MOST FAVORITE activities I share at our training events, workshops, and retreats! If you’re resisting – think again! If you’re excited – oh just you wait! As cliché as it sounds, dreams really will come true!! Bring you favorite magazines, print your favorite quotes, and bring a PICTURE OF YOURSELF to put right in the center of your dreams! If you want to print some song lyrics, they’re very powerful when situated in between your hopes and dreams. Be creative and ready for some BIG fun and POWERFUL dream-sharing! I will walk you through my signature DreamStorming® Session where we discover forgotten and abandoned dreams… and watch as they come back to life!

7. A Private intuitive meditation conducted by me that is born from your very own dream/vision board!


This activity is another signature coaching session that is both unique and intuitive. Together we will enter into the sacred inner sanctuary of your heart, tapping into your dreams and listening to your soul’s voice. We will work together (one-on-one) to explore deeper messages and discover gifts that your very own heart and soul want to give back to you.

Retreaters tell me that this is the one of the most powerful experiences they’ve ever had and it is my most requested activity at retreats.

8. You won't believe how good it feels when you eat 100% organic, natural whole foods!


Before you say a word, stay open to eating healthy, organic foods! The Standard American Diet (SAD) does not consist of choices that our bodies readily recognize as food! Packaged, processed, overcooked foods are leaving us nutritionally starved for more. Prepare to be amazed… I mean AMAZED at how much energy you’ll experience! You’ll be able to think more clearly! You’ll feel more awake and aware! You’ll discover that when you eat foods that come from the earth, your soul jumps for joy! You will discover a new love of healthy eating! Retreaters RAVE about the masterful preparation and delightful tastes of each and every dish that we create! I plan a mindful menu that will leave you nourished and inspired to continue eating healthy, nutritious, and delicious foods! Oh, and don’t worry… this isn’t a time to completely detox from unhealthy eating habits! That would throw you into withdrawal (caffeine and sugar withdrawal can be harsh)! We want you to enjoy the weekend, but also be supported with good, nutritional choices! We’ll have plenty of fresh organic coffee and teas available, and there will be yummy snacks.

9. Candlelight/Fire Ceremony for Releasing
Old Mindsets and Patterns


With email and text messages, journaling has almost become a lost art. But journaling has hidden secrets that are awaiting your discovery! We encourage you to journal throughout the entire retreat. There will also be a journaling exercise that will encourage you to release emotions that no longer serve you. I will provide you with the time, space, and freedom to express your deepest feelings privately in your own journal. As Wanda Boone, coach and mentor, always reminds us, “Feelings buried alive never die.” Each night we will gather together for a candlelight/fire ceremony to release those buried feelings, old mindsets and patterns. This is a powerful exercise and requires NO vulnerability other than the written and private expression of your feelings.

10. Plenty of Laughter (it's oh-so-good-for-the-soul)!


Who says that all this personal growth has to be serious? I have created a healthy balance of fun and laughter sprinkled into our retreats! Our goal is that you release the heaviness inside your thoughts, and embrace the light-heartedness that lives inside your heart and soul! Humor is said to be the best medicine for a reason! It has been proven that laughter improves your overall health and well being! So bring it on! Bring us your best jokes, your funniest stories, your silliness and your amusing inner child – because playfulness and laughter are definitely welcome!



11. Spirit Walks! We'll go on a short group walk, with a silent meditation - taking deliberate steps while practicing complete presence to the sights and sounds of nature.

The practice of walking in silence is something I hope you will continue to do long after you leave the retreat. When I say silence, I mean silencing the mind… not just honoring a no-talking policy! When you completely quiet your mind and focus out into nature… you experience yourself and your connection to our world in a whole new way. In the winter season, a spirit walk is even better! The crisp air and quietness of nature creates a phenomenal meditative journey!

As Socrates said in The Peaceful Warrior, “There are NO ordinary moments.” How far can you hear? How many different sounds can you identify in any given moment? You will use your journal to answer some obvious questions and then we’ll gather together to find the not-so-obvious life lessons. This is a powerful exercise and a favorite among our retreaters!

12. An amazing group of like-minded women who are waiting to celebrate the best parts of YOU and form lasting friendships.

The biggest challenge for women who are busy with their careers or day-jobs, or who are working from home, being their own boss, being in business for themselves, and/or being stay-at-home-moms is that they often miss out on that valuable connection with others! Isolation can be a difficult challenge! And sometimes, depending on your business or job, you can have so many people contacting you on a daily basis, and so many people draining energy from you, that you can get so overloaded with people and conversations that you want to just close the door and hide from everyone by the end of the day! You may be starving for some real, genuine connection. Finding someone who will encourage you to leap, or jump, or even think twice about a risky decision can be invaluable! After three days of soul searching silence, gut-busting laughter, foot-tapping music, breath-taking beauty, and wide-awake dreaming… you’ll also find a room full of powerful mastermind friends who will create a swirl of synergy in your life like no other! You’ll connect to other like-minded, powerful women who are expanding into higher levels of awareness and prosperity, just like you.

13. You will create a life plan that will remind you of your gifts and talents, provide a clear vision of where you want to go next, support you as you begin to navigate through fears and roadblocks, and give you the courage to live your life out loud and discover that you really can be UNSTOPPABLE!

No retreat would be complete if you didn’t leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and re-focused. But you also need a roadmap of how to transition back into the life you left behind just three days prior to the retreat! We will create a plan for the next 90 days that will help you incorporate the new YOU back into your busy life! Ongoing support and a good plan of action are essential in moving forward so you don’t get STUCK again! I want you to be UNSTOPPABLE! You will have the opportunity to build your support structure so that you create the life worthy of your gifts and your heart’s desire!



Painting Courage & Vulnerability to promote healing.

bonusI am so excited to introduce a new addition to SIMPLY BE UNSTOPPABLE RETREATS! Using art and creativity to journal our way deep into our hearts is a powerful journey. Each morning we will complete a few pages of journaling with specific intentions incorporating my wholehearted coaching into your art journal! We will have fun creating an art journal that houses your deepest intentions and hold sacred your most cherished thoughts using different tools. This is a new segment at my retreats and one that I am so excited to experience with everyone at the retreat. I’m sure it will quickly become your favorite too! (By the way, no artistic experience needed!)

"My experience at the "Simply Be Unstoppable" women's retreat
was life changing! The women in attendance were not only
participants in my experience… they were pivotal to me
becoming aware of my sacred purpose.

Each portion of the retreat was customized to my intentions and to me for the entire weekend. Because of my participation in the retreat, I have become more aligned and focused on my life's purpose. If you want to take a positive step forward, in discovering who were always destined to be and discover what gifts you can bring to the world and yourself, make this investment in YOURSELF. Jenny's gifts of intuition, wisdom and healing are awe-inspiring! You must witness and experience her divine giftedness for yourself...her natural intuition leaves me speechless. From this experience, you will discover and learn about the AUTHENTIC YOU, so you can become the BEST you, you can be. Because this weekend was so impactful to me, I am taking the next positive step in my personal development and planning for my next spectacular retreat with Jenny!"

Sidney Wendt
Summerfield, NC

"Simply Be Unstoppable" was a gift beyond measure!

"Having been to two of Jenny Aiello's 'Simply Be' retreats at Bend of Ivy, I can now say without reservation that it was a gift beyond measure. I had been stuck for quite sometime, and finally, by attending these retreats, I am able to see my self-imposed limitations that have kept me stuck in the past. The weekend was full of creative energy, fun, laughter, and a major dose of introspection. These amazing retreats have provided me with self-awareness as well as a heart-connection with kindred spirits that I will always treasure."

Fran Strombotne
Raliegh, NC

The retreat restored a deep sense of balance in me!

"Are you feeling lost? A sense of drifting along without any real purpose? Treading water because you forgot how to swim? I’ve been feeling all these things and much more the last few years. My experience at the Simply Be retreat has restored a deep sense of balance in me. I found my way back to myself – discovering the parts of me that have been lost and how to work on finding them again. The property, the attention to detail, the food, the sisterhood of the women – all of it was magical and so healing. I would recommend this retreat to any woman who needs others to reflect back for her who she really is and remind her of the power of being a woman."

Renee Hunter
North Carolina

The soul is replenished, nourished and restored...

"When I arrived at Bend of Ivy, I was greeted by a warm, serene peacefulness that I haven't felt in a long time. The hustle and bustle of the outside world felt a million miles away. I was quickly introduced to 12 random strangers who were also there carrying their own baggage; however, by the end of the weekend we were bonded forever, closer than sisters.

Jenny's ability to get to the heart issue is simply amazing. She is able to peel back the layers of hurt, anger, grief, and heartache and help you turn it into something beautiful to help you grow and influence the world around you. Dreams come alive, hearts are healed, bonds are formed, the soul is replenished, nourished and restored.

Wherever your path in life has taken you or wherever you're headed, I encourage you to stop and rest at Jenny's 'Simply Be' Retreat at Bend of Ivy."

Glynis Young
Apex, NC

I can’t think of any woman I know who wouldn’t get something healthy, positive and meaningful...

"I never thought of myself as “a retreat person”… but a dear friend had been raving, and I mean raving, about Jenny’s retreats and encouraged me to attend. I went with an open mind and a sense of curiosity. If nothing more, it would be a weekend away. It is hard to put into words how much more than a weekend away the experience was for me. I’m confident each woman in attendance would agree that it was wonderful and meaningful for her, and yet different for each of us. I would attend again…and now I am that friend, encouraging close women in my life to attend Jenny’s next retreat. If you would consider thinking deeply about yourself, and consider being open and authentic, then talk with Jenny about the next retreat. I can’t think of any woman I know who wouldn’t get something healthy, positive and meaningful out of attending a ‘Simply Be’ Retreat. "

D. Bloom
Raleigh NC

Coming soon...

So you get all of this:

Three nights, four days at the beautiful Bend of Ivy Lodge.
Access to 63 acres for you to explore and enjoy.
Personalized service w/ surprise gifts waiting just for you.
A chance to find your voice and be heard.
Rest, relaxation, solitude, and peace.
Art Journals and a chance to embrace creativity.
Signature Song and Stories Laser Coaching Session.
Fun making your very own Dream/Vision Board.
A private 30-minute intuitive meditation from your Dream/Vision Board.
Nutritious and nourishing meals and snacks.
Two evening candlelight/fireside ceremonies to release old beliefs and feeings we don’t need anymore.
An abundance of love and laughter!

Silent spirit walks and nature hikes.
A community of lasting friendships and support as you embark on the next phase of your personal growth journey.
The chance to recognize that you really are UNSTOPPABLE!


Here’s what this retreat is NOT:

1. This is not a quick fix, think-positive, chill out and drink margaritas event.
Our work together is sacred, deep, and life-changing. This is where we release old patterns that have kept us small for most of our lives. This is where women come to break away from old habits, patterns, mindsets and fears that have allowed them to play small and hide out behind their kids, excuses, circumstances and uncontrollable situations that exist in their lives. I’m not just delivering an other motivational speech – I’m bringing all I've got to the table and transforming lives... and inviting you to do the same.

2. This is not a weekend for cynics, chronic whiners or complainers.
I’m not saying there won’t be tears. Tears are the best way to release those emotions we’ve held in for so long. Often when we refuse to let our feelings out… we show up on auto-pilot. We’re shut down. We’re angry and cynical and complete victims of life’s circumstances. We expect this to be a safe and sacred place to experience whatever you came to experience. Spewing toxic negativity on everyone is not acceptable. If you believe that being sarcastic and cynical or that whining and complaining are your birthright… if you cannot accept personal responsibility where you are in life, then this is definitely not your retreat!

3. This is not a girls-night-out shopping and PJ’s weekend.
You bet we’ll have fun. You bet we’ll be running around in our PJ’s and there might even be some nighttime chocolate involved! However, we’re all about deeper connections and creating huge shifts. We want you to live your life OUT LOUD and that means facing some things that might scare you! What better time than NOW to face your fears and free yourself up to get into the game of life again? This isn’t a Let's Go To The Mountains And Go Shopping event! (But if that appeals to you, you may want to extend your visit to Asheville and add a day of shopping after your weekend!) This is a retreat like no other – a weekend to reclaim your life, your passion, and your purpose. I have the utmost respect for those women who come for that purpose. I hope that you will too! All I ask is that you have a willingness to grow, a respect for others, and an open heart to give and receive all the light and love we each have to offer.

If you’re still wondering if you should invest in yourself by attending our ‘Simply Be Unstoppable’ Women’s Retreat, I want to make it just a little easier for you to decide! Here’s one last thing that will make this a no-brainer….

I am so confident that you will have an experience like no other you’ve ever had before; that you will leave not only feeling reconnected to your dreams and your heart, but you will have tools to keep that good-for-the-soul mojo flowing and that you will be more clear, awake, and consciously making choices for your life. I am so confident in what I’m offering that I’m going to include the best guarantee I could think of…


My personal “You Have Nothing to Lose and You Won’t Be Disappointed” Guarantee:

Come to my retreat at NO RISK! Take a chance! Jump into life with both feet and we promise, the joy you discover inside your heart will be worth way more than what you paid for this experience!

Register for the upcoming SIMPLY BE UNSTOPPABLE RETREAT. Come and experience the ENTIRE retreat at NO RISK whatsoever. If for any reason, by the end of the 3rd day, you honestly feel I did not deliver on everything I promised, just quietly let my retreat manager know, and get a full refund of the retreat fee. I will happily oblige.

This simply must be a life-changing event for you, offering you the best tools and techniques for getting clear and connected. You will be creating an action plan that will help you reclaim your LIFE and fill it with passion, purpose and JOY...

…or I’ll give you your money back.

I am simply that confident that you will not find anything else out there that even comes close to going as deep, or providing you with hands-on opportunities for growth, or provide you with such personalized, customized pampering and attention for this level of investment.

That’s my promise to you.


If you’re ready, I just want to say to you:

“Step away from all the limelight of your drama and STEP INTO YOUR OWN LIGHT! You are SO VERY powerful! When you put your heart and authenticity out into the world, you make the biggest and grandest contribution ever!”

Is it possible to live a life full of passion, purpose, and possibility in today’s world? In this economy? Under these (your current) circumstances? Oh yes… oh yes indeed!! Not only is it possible, it is undeniable.

I believe that is it virtually IMPOSSIBLE for you to fail when you learn how to open your heart, live from your truth, and stand in your own personal power! You will become unstoppable!

So, let’s get started, okay? Let’s connect. Let’s hold hands and take the proverbial LEAP! I promise to be there when the net appears and celebrate the freedom and JOY that awaits you!

Sending my Blessing,


P.S. I know. For some of you, this is a big investment and maybe you're not used to investing in yourself yet! If you would like to schedule a quick 30 minute Complimentary Discovery Session with me so you can feel good about joining us, please do!  I'm happy to help you decide if this is a good time for you to take this next step. I'll help you get clear about what is stopping you, when your heart really wants to go. And I will not 'talk you into' anything. Doing so takes me out of alignment with my own purpose and then we'd both be compromised! We will work together to align you with what serves you best. So click below and email me, so we can get your on my calendar if you think you need more information or some coaching before making a commitment (or not).