Philosophy on Healing & Growth

I believe that healing and personal growth are why we are here. I believe that everything that happens is happening for us, not to us.  I believe that if we do not examine ourselves and question our thoughts and actions, we can get stuck in a victim-mentality that results in living an uninspired life.  I believe that when we choose to look at all of our relationships and circumstances as opportunities to heal and expand on a spiritual level, we become empowered to move through each experience with less resistance, and more healing and growth. 

Jenny Aiello is the creator and founder of her own unique and powerful Women’s, Men’s, and Couple’s Spiritual Retreats. She has been leading retreats and coaching clients since 2006. She is a Certified Life Coach, Crystal Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shaman, End-of-Life Coach, Sound Healing Practitioner, and she absolutely loves working with energy medicine to heal emotional, traumatic, and spiritual wounds. Jenny is the creator of the Wholistic Energy Healing Academy, where she teaches others who are called to dive deeper into their understanding of healing energy.

Jenny’s coaching clients come to her for support as they go through life transitions, or for direction while on their own personal healing journey. Her clientele include emerging healers and light-workers to corporate executives. If you live,  breathe, and seek to expand your awareness, Jenny can relate to your circumstances and coach you to your highest potential.

Jenny’s retreats attract people from so many different walks of life. Those going through life transitions, or looking for direction while on their own personal healing journey.  Some are going into marriage or through a divorce. Some are starting a brand new career path or entering a new season of life. Some are experiencing grief, healing old emotional wounds, stuck in trauma, or simply seeking a way to live with intentions and purpose. They all come to retreat to find a spiritual path that supports their continued journey of personal growth. Many clients experience profound healing and transformation during Jenny’s retreats.

Jenny works in partnership with her husband, Bob Aiello.  Bob is a Clinical Psychologist who has been in practice for over 40 years. Bob is making a transition from his clinical practice to partnering with Jenny in facilitating retreats and coaching. Aside from his vast experience with counseling, Bob brings his many gifts to the retreats including coaching, listening, supporting, guiding, playing Native American flutes, drumming, and storytelling.  Bob and Jenny have completed Shamanic training which allows them to work with the subconscious mind, the energy field, and the soul to uncover and release old patterns and self-sabotaging beliefs.

Bob is participating in Relational Life Therapy (RLT) training with Terry Real, giving him unique and effective tools to use with couples. Bob has a beautiful way of creating safe space and helping others connect the dots between their wounds and their walls.  He is trained and experienced in identifying family patterns and going to the root of dysfunction. He also brings deep compassion into the process of releasing old practices and then aligning to new healthy practices. Bob provides a supportive role during our retreats and coaching and loves witnessing the magic and mystery of the process. He brings his big heart, hard-earned wisdom, and compassionate spirit to everyone he meets. 

We’re always perched at the beginning of something new… always becoming more.