Individual Coaching

Experience transformation when you work with Jenny at Wholehearted Coaching: You will learn how to nourish your Spirit and discover your Truth. With Jenny’s guidance, you will dive deep into the core of your triggers: offensiveness, anger, scarcity, self-sabotage, grief, anxiety, and more as you journey to uncover the roots of these emotions. Extract outdated belief systems that no longer serve you, replace them with empowering mindsets that will propel you towards a life of confidence, resilience, and fulfillment. When you work with Jenny one-on-one, you become a part of something special. She quickly becomes your person, and she wholeheartedly invests in your well-being.

Couples Coaching

Join Jenny and Bob for an extraordinary journey in Couple’s Coaching: Unlocking the Secrets of Connection. Experience the transformative power of truly being heard by your partner. Together, we will navigate the obstacles that often hinder couples, breaking free from the power struggles that hold you back. Gain insight into your own challenges and how they impact your expectations of one another. Uncover the underlying issues that truly trouble you and discover how these deeper dynamics manifest in everyday conflicts. Let us guide you towards a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

Group Coaching

Join Jenny in a transformative journey in Group Coaching: Facing Life’s Challenges with Grace and Ease. You will explore ways to reclaim balance, restore peace, nourish your spirit, sooth and heal old wounds, and be part of a loving community that is safe and supportive. You will find comfort in knowing you are not facing the hard parts of life by yourself. This is an extraordinary and affordable way to experience what it’s like to work with a coach and continue your commitment to personal growth.  

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