Death Doula

A death doula is a trained professional who provides practical, emotional and spiritual support to people who are approaching the end of life. As a Certified Death Doula, Jenny is there to help you and your family navigate the often complex and difficult process of dying with dignity, grace, and peace.  Jenny provides an invaluable service to those who are facing death by helping them to find meaning and peace in their experience and to gain a greater understanding of the process of dying. Bringing her compassionate skills as a life coach, Jenny is also a valuable resource for family members who are struggling to cope with the impending loss of their loved one.

Jenny’s philosophy about death is that it is something sacred and beautiful to experience with a loved one or friend and should be approached with a gentle reverence and an enormous amount of love.  She brings that and more to the dying experience. Assuring that the dying person’s wishes and requests be honored, Jenny helps families provide a beautiful atmosphere and loving presence that is so important to the dying experience. By providing compassionate, understanding, and supportive care, Jenny will help you and your family face the end-of-life process with peace, acceptance and grace.

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