“I met Jenny nearly 5 years ago when I attended one of her retreats. To say it was life changing is an understatement. Truly my life has never been the same since working with her. Her gifts will open your heart and blow your mind. Since then, my husband and I have worked with her and our marriage has never been stronger. Jenny will guide and support you through a soul journey, help you find the answers you’ve been searching for, and leave you with the most practical and profound lessons and tools to continue your journey without her. If everyone worked with Jenny, this WORLD would be a more beautiful, loving place.”

— Leigh Peterson


“Imagine your car was driving horribly, you take it to the shop and insist an oil change will fix it, then the mechanic politely points to a flat tire.. that’s Jenny. Since we first met, I am finally sure of WHO I am and WHY I am (that can’t be overstated). She’s brought clarity to my career (I’ve started a new business!), deepened my relationship with my wife, unlocked a more wholesome father for my kids, and untangled a dramatic web of family dynamics that I found myself caught in. Jenny can hold the weight of the world on her shoulders, and then shrug. More importantly, she can teach you to do the same.”

— Justin Peterson


“I began working with Jenny in 2015, about a year after my Mom died. A friend referred me. I knew Jenny was intuitive, but I underestimated just how powerful my time with her would be.

She seemed to be able to put words to things even before I was able to formulate them myself. I attended my first retreat and I would say that was the beginning of my spiritual journey. I felt I was in contact with my Mom and I had so much room, space and support to process the many feelings that came with her illness and passing.

Jenny is careful about the energy she allows into her retreats. She manages energy and makes an effort to ensure people will feel safe and supported during these weekends. She is a master at knowing where people are and how to guide them and has a knack for knowing when people are ready to dig deeper. I get so much out of my own process during these retreats, but I learn just as much from witnessing others go through their process. There is something powerful in watching people, even strangers, show up and support one another. There is always a lot of laughter, great food and healing energy.

Jenny has a gift. For listening. For knowing. And for guiding. Forever grateful I found her.”


— Michelle Vogel

Sometimes joy finds us. Sometimes we simply have to choose it.