Private Intensive Services

Sometimes we need someone to guide us into our triggers and wounds and give us a deep level of support and understanding as we step into vulnerable territory. Sometimes we know the block, the wall, the area we shut down to protect ourselves, but we need support to do the work to help us clear and heal the blocks. Intensives are just that. They combine education with exeperiential processing. This unique combination has shown powerful results. You have the option of a 4-hour, a 1-day, or a weekend intensive where you have the full support and safety of caring professionals. You also release  the heavy debris and toxicity that needs to be addressed before you can bring your whole heart back into the world. 

Individual Intensive

This intensive is solely focused on your own personal wounds. Bob and Jenny look deep into why you are stuck. They help you move through unprocessed emotions causing you to feel stuck. They walk you through your vulnerability with very caring and loving support. You will feel a level of commitment, understanding, and dedication to the work you do with Bob and Jenny.  

Couples Intensives

This intensive focuses on communication tools that help the couple learn how to listen, and experience being heard. So often, individual defense mechanisms automatically go off and prevent couples from connecting with one another. They get trapped in a cycle of having the same arguments over and over. We walk you through tough conversations, lead you to a place of relational honesty, and help you hear each other from a new perspective. 

Family Intensives

Nothing is harder to navigate than family dynamics. Spending a day with Bob and Jenny, working through all the hurts and disappointments and events that have left the family unit in disrepair takes courage. Kudos to the family who shows up for each other when times are hard. We have found that all families are capable of healing. They just have to be willing to show up and do the work. This intensive is best as a one-day, or weekend intensive.

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